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The Experiment

“The Experiment” is a remake of the 2001 German film “Das Experiment.” The American thriller was directed by Paul Scheuring and stars Forest Whitaker, Adrien Brody, Maggie Grace, and David Banner. The movie revolves around a prison-based experiment that relates closely to the 1971 Stanford prison experiment run by Philip Zimbardo. This film was not displayed in theaters in the United States, but rather went straight-to-video in September of 2010.

The premise of the movie falls in line with the original German film – a “behavioral experiment” is advertised to pay $1,000 per day. The experiment’s director, played by Fisher Stevens, informs the 26 male subjects, that they will be simulating a common prison environment, with a few men randomly selected as guards, while the majority plays convicts. Michael, played by Forest Whitaker, is selected to be a guard, while Travis, played by Adrien Brody, enters into the general prison population. At the beginning of the film, these two men are friends. At first, the rules are abided; including no guard can physically abuse the prisoners. And although everything starts of well, the crimes and punishments get more serious and, under the command of Michael, the guards become more brutal and the prisoners, led by Travis, look to survive.


Reviewers of “The Experiment” note that it definitely follows in line with the original German film, and, in some instances, outperforms it. The acting done by Whitaker and Brody, two winners of Academy Awards for lead actor, do great performances. There are a few noticeable changes in the American remake but, according to some reviewers, it actually assists in the narrative flow of the film.

Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming

“Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming” is the sequel to 2007’s “Stomp the Yard.” This direct-to-video drama was directed by Rob Hardy. The movie takes place after the events of the first movie, whereby the main character DJ Williams, played by Columbus Short, becomes a member of the Theta Nu Theta fraternity at Truth University in Atlanta, Georgia and joins their step team which goes on to beat their rival fraternity in a step contest.

In this film, however, the focus is now on the character of Chance Harris, played by Collins Pennie, with Short reprising his role as DJ Williams. In this sequel, Harris must learn to locate a good balance between his schoolwork, relationships – both familial and with his girlfriend, work and the exciting opportunity to perform with the Theta Nu Theta fraternity at the step competition, which is to be nationally televised during homecoming at the university. Throughout the film, Harris must deal with a set of problems while he tries to remain focused on training for the competition, including problems with this father, his girlfriend, and with a local gang.

Aside from Pennie and Short, other actors and actresses featured in this film include Pooch Hall, Tika Sumpter, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Jasmine Guy, Keith David, and David Banner.

Reference to the first part

This second film, much like the first, is seen as an energetic dance film that revolves around the countdown to the national contest with many strong and talented dancers from around the United States. Reviewers have notes that this film touches on different subjects, including family, street violence, relationships, and exciting dance routines that seem effortless as it is done by the professionals.

This Christmas

“This Christmas” is a 2007 film billed as a comedy-drama written, directed, and produced by Preston A. Whitmore II. It is a story revolving around the Christmas holiday and the Whitfield family in particular. The children are home for the holiday, including one son that has not been home in four years. All of them have their own stories, their own “baggage,” that is brought along for the vacation. Throughout the film, secrets become revealed and the bonds of the family are continually tested. As all the lives of the Whitfield family meet together, in the end, they are able to discover what it truly means to be a family.

This movie starts Idris Elba, Chris Brown, and Regina King. Other actors and actresses include Loretta Devine, Delroy Lindo, Sharon Leal, David Banner, and a cameo by Mekhi Phifer.


The reception of “This Christmas” was very mixed. On the review aggregate website, Rotten Tomatoes, a small majority declared the film as “rotten.” The main consensus about this film was that it “has strong performances, but relies too heavily on holiday movie clichés.” Even with a few bad interviews, when it premiered in theaters, it was ranked as second in the box office and opened with over $17,000,000. The whole film grossed $49,121,934 domestically.

The film’s score generated favorable reviews. The Jive Records released the soundtrack in November 2007. It featured the vocal styling of Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks, B2K, Aaron Neville, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Toni Braxton, and TLC.

The movie did garner a few awards and nominations. Chris Brown was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance, while the Image Awards nominated Loretta Devine for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture and Prestion A. Whitmore II for Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture. Sharon Leal won an Asian Excellence Award for Outstanding Actress in a Movie.

That Crook’d ‘Sipp

“That Crook’d ‘Sipp” was a cartoon created in 2007 for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim late night programming block. Created by American rapper David Banner, along with Mike Weiss, Nick Weidenfeld, and Jacob Escobedo, the cartoon centered around the Beauregards, a dysfunctional, white family that embody the spirit associated with the Old South. The tagline given by Cartoon Network describes the cartoon as such – “The Beauregard family, much like their Mississippi mansion, is falling apart. Relics of the Old South, this dysfunctional clan sits in stark contrast to the modern crunk-fueled Dirty South that has grown up around their crumbling estate, Frenchman’s Bend.” In the cartoon, the Beauregard family appears to be the only white characters in cartoon. According to Banner in an interview, “It’s going to be about an older white family in Mississippi whose mind frame is still caught in the 1800s…Then along comes me, and then, wow!”

The carton debuted on the Cartoon Network on May 13, 2007 in line with the station’s “The Night of 1,000 Pilots”. It garnered favorable reception and was given the green light to create six additional episodes to complete a first season. Unfortunately, before production commenced, the cartoon was completely scrapped and then retooled for an upcoming speak titled “Freaknik: The Musical.”

Banner as the Creator of the Cartoon

Aside from writing the cartoon, Banner also starred in it as Virgil Gibson. Other actors included Roxanne Estrada, Heather Lawless, Adam Reed, Jason Walden, and Hayden Ward.

When asked why he wanted to create this cartoon, Banner said, “’Crook’d Sipp’ deals with societal issues of the day and allows me as a rapper to use another avenue to get the word out on issues that they may have not have a chance to do through sound recordings.”

Black Snake Moan

Black Snake Moan is a film from 2006 that was directed and written by Craig Brewer. Filmed in Stanton, Tennessee, it starts Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, and Justin Timberlake. The plot, according to Brewer, is based loosely on the 1861 George Eliot novel “Silas Marner”.

In the movie, Samuel L. Jackson plays a character named Lazarus, a former blues guitarist and religious farmer who takes care of Christina Ricci’s character, Rae after being beaten and along the side of the road for refusing the advances of her boyfriend Ronnie’s (played by Timberlake) friend, Gill, while Ronnie is deployed with the Tennessee National Guard. Lazarus tries to help Rae, a nymphomaniac and drug user, get rid of her sin-filled ways. Eventually, after realizing through a series of events that he has no hold on Rae, Lazarus opts to let her go, but she stays willingly. Eventually Ronnie returns, and through a series of lies told by Gill, Ronnie believes Rae is cheating on him. At the film’s conclusion, it was determined by Ronnie and Rae that they are better together and agree to get married.


The film garnered mixed reviews. For example, popular review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 65 percent fresh rating based on a total of 150 reviews, where the average rating out of 10 was 6.3. Kevin Smith, who filled in for Roger Ebert on the show “Ebert & Roeper” said the film was one of the best of the year. He praised the acting of Jackson and Banner. Hover, not all reviews were good. Film4’s Matt Glasby only gave the film, out of five stars, one, saying it was a “pressure-cooked mess.” It was also criticized highly by many feminist activist organizations for the depiction of sexualized violence.


Aside from being an American rapper and record producer, David Banner has also appeared in a number of films.

In 2007, David Banner created the Adult Swim cartoon “That Crook’d Sipp” along with Mike Weiss, Nick Weidenfeld, and Jacob Escobedo. The pilot premiered on Sunday, on May 13 on Cartoon Network. After the pilot, six additional episodes were ordered to air in 2007 but never did, and in mid-2009, the cartoon was completely scrapped.

Also in 2007, Banner has a small role in the Christmas comedy-drama “This Christmas,” which as directed by Preston A. Whitmore II and featured popular actors including Idris Elba, Regina King, and Chris Brown. Banner played the role of Mo.

In 2010, Banner garnered a role in the movie “Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming,” the direct-to-video sequel to 2007’s “Stomp the Yard”. Banner acted alongside Pooch Hall and Jasmine Guy. The movie is about a character looking to locate balance between school, work, relationships, and his love of step performance. Banner played the role of Jay, a gang leader.

Banner’s last current role was in the 2010 thriller “The Experiment,” which was a remake of a 2001 German film of the same name. It was a straight-to video film in the United States and centered around a psychological study between guards and prisoners. Banner acted alongside Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker as a guard named Bosche.

The Great start of David Banner

The first film he has a role in was the 2006 film “Black Snake Moan”. David Banner was cast alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, as well as Justin Timberlake. Banner plays the role of Tehronne. Though it was a small role, it did introduce Banner to the world of acting.